the sounds were recorded in various ways
During winter, where there are no people, you can capture a wonderful sound in the forest, orchard

In the summer there are a lot of insect birds, e.g.
The sound of cricket is how to make a stone with a stone
using directional microphone is the best solution to capture it

5 am a car eating streets heard from 5 km
it really gives low frequencies to capture

recorded sounds in software or hardware are very different
summer and winter

very important aspect to set the calibration with a microphone
for example,
calibration of monitoring, studio monitors, so-called room or ambient calibration

I personally love the sounds of caves that echo the dramsss

heard from a chamber lined with a corridor and a wave carrying an echo

the sound of a far-off field of frequency

holidays we play the sonar of a faraway field with an echo ,I recorded a lot of these sounds using a synthesizer

each package will be in the style of cave dramsss and surrounding dramsss


I provide you with the best quality product